My name is Wesley Hall, I am a designer and illustrator based out of Nashville, TN. Where I was born and raised.

At an early age I took an interest in drawings and cartoons. This interest never faded and lead me to get a degree in Graphic Design from Austin Peay State University in 2006. Since then I have worked with design and illustrations to make everything from logos, to newspaper ads, to websites, to marketing emails, to Powerpoint presentations, to yearbook covers, to board games, to so much more.

Below find a list of a few of my skills and facts about me, to help you decide if I would be right for your project.

• Expert Knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite CS6.
• Expert Knowledge coding/designing marketing emails.
• Advance Knowledge of HTML/CSS.
• Advance Knowledge of PowerPoint.
• Experience with WordPress and PHP.

• Participated in Americorps NCCC in 2009.
• Father to an awesome little girl.
• Lover of games both tabletop & video.
• Creates Nameless PCs webcomic.
• Sold Christmas Trees in the Boy Scouts.
• Favorite Sports Movie Diggstown.
• Favorite Band “They Might Be Giants”.

There’s plenty more to me than just these skills and facts, so follow me on twitter to learn more. Or if you have any questions. Just shoot me an email at wesleykhall@gmail.com.

Oh, just one more thing. I love Columbo.