A set of cards designed as an add-on to Wizards of the Coast Gamma World (4th Edition version). Modeled after the Deck of Many Things in Dungeons and Dragons, each card represented something good or bad that would happen to the player.

The deck was designed to compliment the world of Gamma World while still paying homage to the more tarot nature of the original Deck of Many Things. The rule component was written by Mike Robles and both the rules and the card designs can be downloaded here to add to your own Gamma World game.

gammaworld back

gem-no bleedKey-no bleedcomet-no bleed

knight-no bleed Fates-no bleed flames-no bleedthrone-no bleedEuryale-no bleed  Vizier-no bleedTalon-no bleedskull-no bleedruin-no bleed void-no bleedstar-no bleed  moon-no bleed
fool-no bleedjester-no bleedsun-no bleedidiot-no bleedbalance-no bleed